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Essence of Iman Ep. 3 & 4



Racism In America: Essence of Iman Ep. 2

I am pleased to share the second episode of Essence of Iman. Most importantly, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart Gabriel C. Johnson who was a wonderful guest. This episode wouldn’t have been possible without him and his knowledgeable insight.


Greetings of Peace

Sorry I have not updated this page recently. I have been busy with graduate school and working full time. Everything is fine. All thanks and praise is due to Allah (s.w.t) alone.

Short Poetry Piece

If we wish to become an Ummah
We must unite as one humanity
Otherwise it is just an empty dream

Arab with African
White with Black
Muslim with non-Muslim

Holding signs such as Black Lives Matter
Only than are we able to proclaim
We are an Ummah


Recent vocation photos taken while spending quality time with my wife and in-laws.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery.






















I will be starting graduate classes January 11th along with giving a lecture January 30th about Islam and whether or not it is inherently violent. Hopefully all of you have read my recent poetry pieces. The goal of my writing is to make readers think and ponder about life and what it means to learn, seek knowledge, and live.


Any Muslim who is not African in ancestry and uses the word “nigga” trying to be sly or “nigger” because they aren’t afraid of consequences. You are a racist individual who feels and portrays not only inwardly but outwardly inferiority over African brothers and sisters.

Not only have I witnessed Arabs move across the masjid floor because they don’t want to pray next to an African brother but I have read several posts saying things similar to “that African nigga better give Bayyah” directed towards the President of Gambia who isn’t required to give you nothing. If he wants to build an Islamic country (sincerely) similarly to Mauritania let him.
I don’t understand why the majority of Non-African Muslims think highly of themselves. They act like African brothers and sisters aren’t “proper” Muslims. Do you realize the majority of Muslims in the world come from South East Asia and Africa following right behind with the Middle East last?

Massive amounts of Islamic history came from Africa let alone medical advancements. Morocco, Mauritania, and Egypt have some of the best Islamic Universities and don’t forget Islamic museums and libraries. In case you didn’t know the richest man in history came from West Africa and he was Muslim. He was so rich that Mecca and Madina forbid him to buy in Gold because he ] crashed the economy because of his wealth in Gold.

Without Africa and the compassionate, sincere, dedicated, and hardworking individuals who came (and come) from that part of the world Islam would be half of what it is today. Everyone who tries to defend their racist tendencies bring up Bilal (ra), Sumaya (ra), and Salmon (ra) just to name a few. Just because you bring up some of the most noble of companions doesn’t erase your words or actions.

Instead of ignoring the contributions coming from such a wonderful and blessed continent and its people why don’t you learn something about the tremendous and great many of cultures within Africa’s borders.


In sha’ Allah for those who are able to donate even a couple dollars I ask Allah (s.w.t) to multiple it by 10 and return it back to you. Amiin! I have raised $50 dollars (after 8 days). I pray that whoever finds this gives, shares, and spreads the news for others to earn the same reward as you did.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 8.50.15 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 8.50.33 PM



Such a sad story. No official investigation was done. It wasn’t classified as a hate crime. CAIR has a branch where this crime took place yet refuse to help.



In Muslim communities we have racism and a cast system. If you are Arab, American, Pakistani, or South East Asian CAIR will fight for you (if they think they will win).

When a Somali or African in general is killed in a hate crime they are silent. Double standard? It is even worse if the victim is an immigrant or refugee.

Ahmad and his clock don’t count.

First he wasn’t killed and secondly his family is considered middle income (not low income which makes a difference)…



Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

My name is Khalid. I am asking for help not as a stranger but as your brother in Islam and if you are not Muslim as your partner in humanity. Recently, I have ran into financial issues. I have to pay for my wife’s immigration papers, green-card, rent, tuition, and several bills .

I’m writing this because it is an emergency. Rent is 550, tuition is 4000, my wife’s papers and airplane ticket 3500, and small debts 1000 (electricity and internet). Wallahi, I am working a minimum wage job and still need to pay all of this and send money to my wife so she can pay for her green-card and flight. If you can help with just a little bit. I need breathing room. The goal is to raise 10,000.

I need help. I’m trying best Wallahi but it is not enough. If can donate Allah (s.w.t) will return it 10 fold.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.17.49 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.18.08 AM



I have been down. Not because life has been unpleasant but because I am far from the love of my life. This shouldn’t be an excuse. Many people have it worse.

Some are homeless during cold winter days while others sleep on an empty stomach. So I have to be thankful for everything.

I wrote a couple new poetry pieces. They are recent reflections on life and the impact of our thoughts and actions. I hope you all enjoy my work.


Recently collected poems I wrote the past 6 months.




Check out my updated page (Thailand adventure).


After a lot of time and writing late into the night. I have completed the first draft of my autobiography and uploaded it.


P.S: Because of it being the first draft this means I will upload a revised edition. I wanted to publish this version so people know my story of how I came to Islam.

Please accept my apology for the grammar mistakes and whatever else you find wrong. The meaning and the story are the most important to get across.



We (my wife and I) recently visited family (living in the remote village of Bandung). It was relaxing and gave me an opportunity to ponder which in turn caused a revelation.

I realized how important love is and how critical it is to find someone you can share the rest of your life with. Wallahi, I am not afraid to show affection to the person I love (even if we are out and about).

Noor Layli Salihah

This is the only way to combat hatred, anger, and ill feelings. We must love one another despite skin color, nationality, and/or religious philosophies…

















Short adventure around Jakarta.

















I have changed the theme, added a couple new poetry pieces, and pictures. Hopefully, all of you enjoy the recent updates. I have been given the chance to complete my Master’s degree (Social Responsibility at Saint Cloud State University). Not sure if I am going to take it, Allah (s.w.t) knows best.

May all my brothers and sisters have a blessed Ramadan from Jakarta :-)












Welcome to my blog for those who are reading my front-page for the first time. I hope you enjoy reading. Recently, I published several new poetry pieces. Also, I uploaded new pictures. My wife and I stopped for breakfast before I went to work. KFC in Indonesia is pretty good lol…



Again, I wish everyone good health. In sha’ Allah, I will be posting longer entries. Right now, my wife and I are in the middle of moving into our new home. So, my time is limited. I apologize.

Talk soon, peace…


I have uploaded three pictures. The first two were taken at my wife’s and I nikkah (Islamic marriage ceremony). With us in the picture are her immediate family including her mother, brother, brother’s wife, and son. The last picture was taken recently, a couple days ago, we went to the cinema and my wife demanded for us to eat pizza :-)






Arrival was safe and steadfast al ham’ dilah. All thanks and praise is due to Allah (s.w.t) alone. I have uploaded several pictures thus far. They can be found via my facebook page (khalid hanzlik zilberg) or instagram…


I have started working for Prodigy. I am surrounded by wonderful hard-working individuals. Most importantly, I have gotten married and in sha’ Allah will have countless children with the love of my life.

Check everything out and in sha’ Allah, I will try my best to come out with new poetry pieces…


I apologize for not keeping up with my journal. Been busy with finals, making sure my wedding and marriage are in place, ] more importantly I am transitioning from one country to another. Will be leaving the United States for Singapore and my last stop Indonesia.

Getting closer and closer to my date of leaving. I am excited because this is a new chapter in my life. I hope all goes well. One thing I promise is that I won’t stop writing. I will try my best to keep up the same work ethic.

Hope all my readers are doing well,



Finished a poetry piece written in Somali and English.



I updated my main page. Corrected the dates and deleted the pictures which were corrupted. I published a recent poetry collection. When you have time, check out what you have missed.



Published a new set of poems that I have been working on. They are dedicated to the love of my life; the only one who has keys to my heart…




Wrote two poems. In sha’ Allah, they are well received.



Today, I finished a piece of poetry that I have been working on for awhile. Hopefully, it is well received.

Take a look,


I have written one of my most inspiring pieces. Please take a look and let me know what you think…


Hope all is well, wrote a couple new pieces.

Take a look when you have free-time


Published new work including a recent poetry book. Check it out. Several new individual poetry pieces can be found. Lastly, pictures of my work-place in Indonesia are available.



Hope all is well. Wrote a couple new pieces. Check them out when you can.



In light of recent attacks against Muslims. I have published a poetry book containing 10 new poems about the struggle and how we should react…



Good news! In sha’ Allah, I will be teaching English in Jakarta (Indonesia). Looking at middle of May when contract starts. So, this means I will have a new tab for my daily journal entries and thoughts concerning traveling.



Hope all is well with my followers. Everything is good on my end. I have uploaded new work. Check out my poetry pieces when you get a chance. Don’t forget I can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Usually, I post more frequently on my Facebook page. In sha’ Allah, you can find me…

Search Khalid Hanzlik Zilberg



It has been a couple of weeks since I wrote. I don’t apologize for not writing; rather I apologize for not sharing what has been wrong. Lately, I have been suffering from an internal battle of wits, theatrics, knowledge, intelligence, intellect, nightmares, etc. Even though I have lived a short 23 years, it feels like I been alive since day one of Earth’s creation. Seen everything from happiness to death smiling over my friends and families bodies. I have been on top of the world, believing nothing can touch me but God.

After writing for I don’t know how many years and witnessing carnage all around the world. Going back and forth from war-torn areas to quote on quote civilized civilization. It makes an individual go crazy because they don’t know who they should be afraid of, trust, look towards for guidance, etc. It gets to the point where everyday you wake up like your reliving the same day over and over. Going through the same actions, walking through the same environment, and meeting the same people. During this time, finding out the more you open your eyes; the more real you become and the more unreal the world turns out to be.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not perfect. And as I write this message, I am thinking about what it would be like to take my life. Remembering days in high school and my first year of college when I tried. So I understand it won’t work. If it is not your time, God won’t let you go. I don’t know why God won’t let me go? I don’t know why or what is next?

It is a struggle because it is the world verse me. I got to defend myself from everything that gets in close proximity. I wish that nothing happened, that I could go back in time and rewind my mind from witnessing massacres. Walking everyday in halls of universities, sitting in class, makes me feel like a hypocrite. As I sit trying to obtain a piece of paper that means nothing and is not worth how much we pay. We got brothers and sisters trying to survive dealing the same paper in exchange for nickels, dimes, 100’s, and 45’s.

I was never meant for this classroom, university, clown setting, or fake acting scenes. Feel like I need to leave and be 100 percent
me. If I don’t, I might as well bury myself 9 feet deep because that is where I am heading anyways…


I am working on a big project. In the process of writing my autobiography. It will explain how I came to Islam. Not sure how long it will take.



Hope all is well, wrote a couple new pieces.



I am going to be unveiling my new logo for my blog, official Facebook page, and profile. Also, I have published a couple new poetry pieces.

Look forward to your critiques…


In sha’ Allah I will be working towards my Masters in Islamic Studies through AFYFC (Al Farooq Youth (and) Family Center)…great program and students have the ability to watch the lecture and participate through webcam online streaming or attend classes in person.

Al ham’ dilah, I completed the Ijaza course for Sahih Bukhari and have my certificate to prove the hard-work and dedication put forth. Received my Ijaza from Shaykh Samir al-Nass. In sha’ Allah I have the ability and continue to strive and learn my deen and become as knowledgeable as those around me. Ameen!




Sorry for not writing much. Been attending an extensive class. Advertisement and information below.

I have written two poetry pieces. In sha’ Allah will be posting another tonight,



Finals week next week, in sha’ Allah I am attending a week-long lecture in the cities. Going over Sahih Bukhari with a well-known scholar, hope to receive a janazzah (certificate)…

Besides for that news, published a couple new pieces. I adore this man. He was a revolutionary and one of the best leaders of his time and ours…



Hope all is well. I wrote a couple new pieces. Check them out when you get a chance.

Finals and Christmas break is coming up. This week is our last regular class session and next week finals.


P.S: Picture showing the Arabic roots for ‘peace’


Worked hard and had many sleepless nights putting this together. In sha’ Allah readers enjoy and share with one another what they take away from my work…




Welcome all my new followers and readers. I have a lot of topics and poetry pieces that I have published,

Books available through Amazon, Borders, etc.

You should be able to use the search box or the category drop function…

Because of the amount of individual pieces that I have written (close to 780). Multiple poems appear.

Topics I explore the range from love to religion, genocide to peace. Just about anything you think of, I write about…

Otherwise I hope everyone’s break went well…

Good luck on finals…



I learned through my studies of revolutionaries, genocide, history, etc.

Escape from mental slavery…Stand up! React!

1) Revolutions do not begin nor end; they always are. It is such News, media, governments, etc. try to oppress and demonstrate European decent majority democracy over communities or people whom don’t want/nor are such

2) I am violent. Existence is violent. I exist, therefore I am violent. In no way/shape/or form can we use non-violence against an oppressor who does not understand peaceful demonstration; contrary to popular beliefs oppressors (only) understand violence and bloodshed (contributing to giving up Identity)

3) Death is inevitable. If I do not speak words such that they are from the torch of Marcus Garvey, Dr.King, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Huey Newton, Che Guevara, etc. It means I gave up nor did I live up to citizenship which belongs to the country of humanity.

4) Honesty is not accepted; the control of African-Americans, economy, government, United Nations, religion, etc. has been in the hands of elite (Western Powers) for as long as they (including ourselves) remember.

5) If the incarceration rate is meant to change. If we want the education system to improve. If we do not want to be rated 29th in world literacy (education), 1st in the amount of innocent men and woman incarcerated, 1st in defense spending (30 countries; 29 of them allies; if we add how much they spend it does not match what we spend), 4th in household income, 1st in racism (white males are three times more likely to kill and/or cause harm to blacks)

Take to the streets. Demonstrate, protest, cause havoc. Remind governments, rich white men, racism law enforcement, etc. That we will not let oppression, segregation, mental slavery, distract us from truth…

Stand up! React! Make oppressors understand they will be held accountable! Ferguson show the world not only is racism and police brutality not allowed; it will not be accepted in any city or country.

Bring back voices that were silenced or killed. Take to the streets. Make it so the police departments are afraid of people instead of people afraid of police departments.

Escape from mental slavery…Stand up! React!


I wrote an emotional piece. It stemmed from who I am as a person and who I fight for. I wrote it because well…I have feelings for someone and I don’t know if they noticed me. Some of what I wrote is a reflection of myself.

I attached a picture showing what it is about. Growing up I was around a lot of bad things. Drugs, gangs, strippers, escorts, prostitutes, guns, etc. I know what life does to someone. Everyday I try to do something for the people who raised me.




So far so good. First semester of school is almost over. Looking forward to Christmas break. I wrote a couple new pieces. Check them out when you can.

Besides the same old same old. Been relaxing.

See ya


Emmett Till


Ain’t Dead



Wrote a piece on depression and how we can help others through tough times,



Collection of poetry from past 6 months…

(6th book)

Check it out!




Found this photo and it struck me…

As a world we have lost focus and don’t love one another…

What If We Really Loved All Humanity?


I have posted five poetry pieces. First is titled bubbles which is a very short but detailed articulate work. Speaks about past confrontations with those who are considered ‘radicals’ or ‘terrorists’.

Second piece is about the etiquette of war and how Muslims were told to go about defending land. Third piece is about the love I wish to find when the right woman comes along.

Fourth piece goes in depth about the most respected and important women held by Muslims. Last piece is about racism and how it is correct to say ‘all White people are racist but not all Racist are white’.

white privilege

white privilege2






Wrote a nice piece about lust and how it affects Muslims.




Felt like the only way to get this message out is by being completely honest. I wrote a poetry piece about honesty and how we are treated, told, taught to be civil and lie to others. It is seen as being courteous.

This line of thinking changed our society and made it so anyone who speaks about social injustices automatically is as a trouble maker. Either the person is thrown in prison or killed.

The picture below shows African-Americans or anyone who is not ‘White’ will be pulled over, ticketed, or judged at a frequently higher percentage.




History has proven that anyone who is of a dark complexion isn’t beautiful. This line of thinking is wrong and idiotic. What I intend to show is that anyone who is not of a dark complexion is not as beautiful as those who are of a dark complexion. I wish to flip the script.

If we look around the world, ‘White’ Americans are the minority in terms of facial structure and color of skin. They don’t look like other people. On the other-hand, Africans have similar facial features to Arabs. I have written a piece today that talks about this issue.

My belief is that the darker the complexion the more beautiful the attraction. Using these pictures as examples,




Does America care about youth gang violence? Does anyone?



New Piece (Right Side of Page)



Daily Reminder




(read today’s piece)



Published my 5th poetry book (Createspace). Realized the problem that had occurred prior. Wrong trim size which meant pages wrongly formatted.

But this time exceptional.


Check it out,



Children are superheroes…


Wrote a special dedication piece about my mother,




I wrote two pieces. The first piece about modern-day slavery…


Second piece about how to talk to others. Primarily youth who sell drugs and dancers (exotic).



Like always…leave a comment!



It is Fall Break so I hope everyone enjoys the time off. Be safe and don’t do anything that will take you away from Allah (s.w.t).

P.S: Leave a comment!




Wrote a piece about the day of judgment. Check it out and like always,

Leave a comment…




Finished writing two pieces. The first about Eid and how Muslims can spend it wisely. Second piece about treating Islam like a computer.


P.S: Like always…leave a comment



This picture symbolizes what I wrote today. I hope it is read well…

Comment like always,



Published a poetry piece about a husband who intends to marry a second, third, or fourth wife. It will educate anyone willing to learn.


Like always leave a comment,



Wrote what I think is a serious piece about Muslims who act serious and forget that Islam is equal is seriousness and humor. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was strong and laughed in certain situations.





I hope everyone is doing well and in good health. If not, I will keep you in my duas (prayers). I wrote two pieces today. The first is about my method of correction and even if it looks rough or judgmental. Wallahi (swear to Allah (s.w.t)), I love you!

Second piece is about the 10 ways Muslims describe love when they are married. Specifically, how Muslims describe their wife/wives.

Hope you enjoy and like always,



What is courage?



Nin aan dhididin

Closest translation I came up with…a man who doesn’t work hard, can never reach a point of comfort? Anyone else wanna try?

Daily reminder,

Have a blessed day…



Worked on a very sincere poetry piece about what it means to be a rebel. I focused on depression and how it affects people. Take a look and comment.



Just published a new piece. It is about the history of the United States hiding support numbers and casualties under lies and deceit. Take a lot and let me know what you think.

Underlying theme is that historians disappear or are killed for educating the uneducated. Mostly, Obama doesn’t like you. It means you are placed on his hit list.




I will be posting a poetry piece about the difference in maturity and understanding between a girl and a woman. Similarly, between a boy and a man.



Today I wrote a small poetry piece about what it means to recruit. My inspiration was of a gentleman who asked me straight up, “are you recruiting for any Muslim groups?” He was trying to trick me…

Hopefully this summarizes and shows you another way to look at global situations.




I wrote a piece about obligations of modesty and jihad for Muslims. For those who read, be aware that if you don’t understand the context or don’t have knowledge of Quran or hadith; you won’t be able to understand the meaning or why these are obligations.



Today was interesting. I attended the Somali Student Association. That went well, but afterwards, a brother who is the “president” of the MSA (Muslim Student Association) and I had a small dialogue. Tried to explain that the MSA is not functioning as a “Muslim” org, therefore if the people want to call it a social club, they should change the name.

Often times, when people can’t take advice it shows a flaw. More importantly, a weak eman (faith). In sha Allah the MSA does the right thing. All I know, they cannot judge other groups if they themselves are not following their beliefs.



All my life I have been on my own. Going to school, working, and making something out of nothing. I never received help. Took me years to get used to accepting it. When I reverted to Islam. Strangers went out of their way to help me. Whether it was finding an apartment, job, textbooks, etc. Most importantly, I want to discuss love. For a long time I searched for temporary happiness.

Not until recently, I found eternal happiness. Part of me feels this way because I have been feeling good about the work I have been producing. Secondly, meeting different individuals and being able to relate my life experiences with others is a helpful coping mechanism.

When I was young and wild, I did a lot of things that I ain’t proud of. But, when you meet that person who doesn’t judge your previous mistakes. Someone who only cares about the future and closes the past because it is museum material. This is someone who you should keep around.

I have fallen for fakes. Meaning, I have fallen into traps by people who use me for money, materials, etc. I promised myself, I ain’t ever going to open myself up to a person if I don’t expect the same back.

I ain’t going to say that I thought it would be forever till I found someone who mutually shared the same interests and personality. Trusting another person takes patience and it is an action that makes a person feel comfort or regret. Previously, I had felt regret.

After going through abuse, reverting to Islam, and trusting Allah (s.w.c). I learned to trust those who worked and ultimately deserved it. I met someone who I am able to talk to and share daily experiences. I don’t have to worry about this person running away or not accepting me for who I am.

I am thankful for this because I am in the right place to make a commitment. Most people are not ready or ask for many materials that committing yourself to a life of happiness with that person is impossible.

I am able to skip all ifs, ands, or buts. I hope that my future is as bright as it is right now. I attached a timeline photo. It tells us that no matter what we do the only thing that matters is who is standing by us. Someone who is willing to be around your highlights and lowlights can be trusted.

I hope that this continues to prosper into something that holds fruitful experiences and lifelong stories that I can relate to my kids (whom I hope to share mutually with the same person as I am talking about).



Several hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) showing the treatment of women to be of the utmost importance…






I wanted this entry to be about me. It seems that people are confused about who I am and what I represent. First, Islam is perfect but Muslims are not. Even though I am Muslim that doesn’t mean I am perfect. Rather, it means the opposite. I make mistakes like everyone else. My beliefs about the Quran, God, Sunnah, etc. are strong and I affirm that there is no deity who deserves worship besides Allah (God).

I am a poet. This means I speak about issues that others disagree with. One topic I feel strongly about; how does our society, specifically men, treat women? Do we treat them as objects or queens?

This example shows I write for my readers and those interested in my work. Another point I wanted to clarify I write about what I go through. I witnessed gang life, youth violence, drugs, alcoholic father, abusive home, etc. These topics I feel strongly about.

I am an activist for others who don’t get the rights they deserve. Whether they are Christian, Jews, or Muslims; black or white, man or woman, etc. I do not discriminate. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

So, if you do not agree with me. Don’t like what I talk about. It is easy. You can respectfully disagree and you don’t need to read my page. Besides exciting news, school is going great and my classes are entertaining. They are informative and I am learning a lot. I hope the rest of the year continues to be a success not only for me but for all of you.

Goodnight to all my brothers and sisters in Islam as well as the non – muslims who read my page.



School is off to a great start. I am focused and will not get distracted. I refuse to do less and I will only do my best. Stay tuned to a couple published pieces tonight.



What is the difference between role models and real models? Role models are people who we look up to. We want to impersonate (mentally and physically). They are people who if we ask, “should we follow you.” We would be told, “do as I say not as I do”.

This person is not a real model. They are role models which is a fake model.

Men, women, boys, and girls need real models to look up to. Someone might say Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Sahabi’s (may Allah be pleased with them all), etc.

Other answers the Quran, bible, Torah, etc. Those are all valid answers. I am seeking an answer that is much deeper than just history.

Specifically children, young women and men need someone who they are able to emulate. These individuals need someone who is able to show them and encourage them to be who they want to be without worrying about backlash from society. So, who is this?

Part of me wants to say it is not celebrities, rappers, etc. But, some of them are doing good and indeed their music and movies are helping others get out of the ghetto, fight poverty, etc. So I can’t say “all” of them are bad influences.

The answer that I came up. The new generation of young people have no one to look up to. Instead; they need to make their own heroes. Someone or in rare cases, a group of people need to stand up and show others what is happening is not going to be tolerated. We are talking about racism, sexism, religious tolerance, etc.

What I propose is that teachers, educators, artists, singers, etc. All of us need to shape these kids and help them find their way. Help them find what they are interested in. We need to help these youth find a purpose. In class, figure out which student is big on educating the community on poverty, who is the best writer, who is the best singer or dancer?

I am not going to sit and write about all women are dressed immodestly or are hoes. I can’t say that. Because one part of being a valuable member of society is being able to express yourself through art. If you are able to be who you are and maybe your way is showing the world you have a beautiful physical body. In that case, do what you feel.

These are my thoughts and the background behind my latest post. Hope you all enjoy, please comment and critique,




Today was reassurance. I am doing good. I gotta’ keep writing because my work is affecting countless lives. I have more support than ever before.

Once in a blue moon, I have someone who tells me what I write is not good because it is explicit or inappropriate but this fuels my fire. Makes me want to try harder.

I gotta keep pushing good work for the world to read, think, analyze, and learn from.

Lets make it happen,

FYI: This is a link to all three of my published books.



Been about a week. I apologize for the stop in posts. Been having it hard of late. Gotta’ lot of things going on in my life. I hope you all enjoy the two new posts.



Been struggling of late. Having trouble finding work. Been without a home for a while. Sometimes it is difficult to think about where life is going. I been told I have writing skills. They seem to be useless. Education does not always mean success either. After struggling for so long, it is easier to ask for a way out.

I have seen a lot. Helped bury children who died from hunger and AIDS. Seen genocide and its psychological terror to its victim after the aggressor stops. Had friends and family die in my arms. Watched family stick needles in their arms and overdose.

All of this happening in America and other countries. I traveled the world. Tried to get people to open their eyes. It just ain’t working.

Don’t know when I will write next,



It was one of my most honest pieces that I have ever written. I recently met someone who sparked that little kid I once was. I felt like life was worth living. As if I have a future I can work towards. Read my latest post.

I know you will enjoy it,



I had been going through a rough couple of weeks. Kept sending my prayers to God. Was waiting and waiting for His answer. I received not one answer but two today. I have an interview on Thursday and I learned my university accepted my indecent status request. I am thankful for God and how much trust I put in Him.

I wrote a small piece today about this cycle that everyone goes through. From a small seed to religious. Sometimes doubting in the middle of growing.

Hope you enjoy,



This week I made one the hardest decisions in my life. I am putting my focus towards God. Trying to strengthen my relationship with the One who made me. I hope it brings me to a state of peace.



Possibly my best written piece. Check out, “Sunshine Soldier”.




Hello all, I hope everyone is having a blessed day. Struggle shows a man or woman’s courage. Remember it is not over, continue to fight.

Published my third book as of 2pm (July 15th, 2014). Collection of poetry over the past year; topics range from war, love, death, religion, etc,


P.S: In case you want to see all of my books I have published (3 total).



Published a couple new pieces. Check em’ out and comment what you think.



I updated the site a bit with a different layout. Several poetry pieces have been submitted so check them out. The last 4 or 5 posts have been about different topics. One was about loving a woman and how to show your affection. The other 3 or 4 I could summarize in this way;

Sometimes people are right, money can’t buy happiness. But a loyal soul, sincerity, fragile eyes, and care for creation are needed. Money is not a key but it is a tool. Without it we can’t build buildings or send donations. These words could be read by the world but without money nothing moves forward.



In case you missed out or have just followed my blog. I welcome you and hope that my work can benefit you. I have finished my most recent work. I hope everyone enjoys it. The gist of the poem speaks on why I write and my journey through life itself.



Check out my updated site. I posted a couple new entries in my Yemen tab. I wrote two poetry pieces today.

The first is about Muslims who use social media to express their views. It is a great read and I believe anyone regardless of background can gain something positive.

The second piece is about the potential to love as poets but in the end we only can love poetry (for poetry is our only love).



I published two posts. The first is about Modern Day Slavery Lynchings. Hope you all like that one. The most recent is about women being related to Rosa Parks yet acting/dressing/speaking/behaving as hoes. Pardon the French but it is needed.

Take a look when you get a chance,



I wrote two separate songs/poetry pieces. The first is about my personal story from being on and feeling like the world has nothing to offer.

Ramadan: Story of a Revert

The second piece is about what I look for in a woman,

I Know What I Like

Hope you enjoy,



I got two pieces of good news. I found work and will be starting by the end of the week. Secondly, I published a new song/poem today.

Drug Dealers, Dope Dancers, Day Dreamers

It is about the struggle a family goes through. The mother, sister, and brother; I talk about what they have to do in order to survive. Check it out.



I am only going to write one song/poem today. It is finished. The link is below,

Love Ain’t HIV

I hope you all enjoy. This song centers around love not being a disease nor can we compare it to HIV.



I went above and beyond my normal expectations and wrote three poems in a row. Check em’ out when you can.

The first was about the thinking or process that a person goes through when they are about to leave this world.

Leaving Ain’t Giving Up

The second poem was about never giving up even if you struggle.

Prove em’ Wrong

The third and final work centered around no difference between a religious and non-religious individual. So again, check em’ out when you can.

No Difference: Uneducated



Got a strong piece about where did the happiness go. I hope you all enjoy. Here is a pic that shows my mood.

Opposites Attract (Hollywood + The Ghetto)


I wrote one of my best pieces today. It is about the experience of a young woman who is abused as a child and her choices afterwards. I advise everyone to read and comment. What do you think? What needs to be changed?

Single Escort of Two

If you can, it would mean a lot.



I hope everyone is doing well. Wanted to update everyone on how things are going. I have been staying with family until I find a job. Since being back from Yemen, I have been lost and confused. I don’t know what to do. I feel out-of-place, like I don’t belong. Maybe that is because I got so used to the guys and Sanaa. I don’t know anymore. I don’t know what to do.

I haven’t talked with my little bro for a long time. I miss him. I would give him everything I got. I would give him my years if he was sick. I would do anything for the little guy.

Most importantly, I have lost a friend. I learned that you got two options when telling the truth. Actually, more like outcomes. When you tell the truth, either the person will accept or deny what is said.

My future is on the line. My life is on the line. I need something to happen before it is too late. I write. I try my best. Whether it is poetry or songwriting, I wish what I had been seen or read by the world. I wish I could make something out of myself. I don’t want to get big just to get big. I want that responsibility, influence, and money so I can give back to my community. Give back to my people, family, friends, etc.

Sometimes people have selfish reasons to get big and be known. But mine are far from selfish. I just hope that someone of influence, power, or stature will read my work and see that I have potential.



It has been a month till I journaled last. I have added a recent post to my Yemen section. I give a shout-out to all my family in Yemen and I hope you all enjoy reading that post.

This entry in the journal section I felted obliged to give all my fans, readers, and family the truth behind my fragile state of mind.

I understand that I make choices that are very unpredictable. Sometimes, they seem dangerous and not safe. But, I trust Allah and I always will have his protection.

The past several years I have faced scrutiny from my family and several friends. This has hindered and made my emotional state very weak to succumbing to other people judgements. In’ Sha’ Allah I am giving the strength and can withstand my enemies.

I am sorry for this short journal entry. Please read my latest poetry edits.

Peace & Love


Salam Alaikum…

I posted new poetry of recent. I added an entry in my Yemen section. I wanted to write about my teaching experience so far. To start, students in Yemen have the most potential out of any students in the world. I can say this with the utmost sincerity and honesty. But, there is always a but. The students who I have taught are lacking the charisma and character that makes a student go from mediocre to amazing. So far the Yemeni students I have taught, spoke with, and grown accustomed to have taught me many things.

The first is you have to quit chewing gat (which is a substitute for weed/hashesh). I understand it is part of thee culture and society. But, if you want to be the best student your mind has to be clear and goals have to be set. Have dreams like becoming president or studying in another country. These are ideas that help students set the ceiling high for themselves.

Secondly, I would say that the majority of students who excel in Yemen are women. The women in Yemen are the brightest and have the best future if they are allowed to grow and explore their options. The Muslimah are smart, intelligent, and have goals that they want to reach. Many times their dreams are about improving Yemen. If the Yemeni men who were raised on Islam (a strict conservative view) allow the women to act upon their education the country will improve greatly.

I hope you enjoyed reading this entry.



Salam Alaikum…

It has been awhile. Actually it has been a long time. I apologize for the long period of silence. I have been busy with my teaching, writing, etc. I don’t get a lot time to rest or do what I would like.

I have been really missing my people of late. Friends, family, the people who I was so used to being around. I miss them all. It gets lonely without them making you laugh or smile.

I don’t know what is next after Yemen but insha’Allah it is something good.


Salam Alaikum…

I wanted to upload a beautiful picture, hopefully you all enjoy the colors. I thought it was a pretty picture. I took the photo this week after I was done teaching. Sorry I haven’t upload any more posts in my Yemen section. I just haven’t had the time. Insha’Allah I will be able to update it this week with some more work, pictures, etc.

Please check out my most recent of poetry I published. I finished one today about what it means to be a man. I hope you all enjoy my work.


Salam Alaikum…

I have uploaded a couple new poetry pieces. Please read and comment on them. Insha’Allah you enjoy my new work I have been producing.



Salam Alaikum…

My father,




Salam Alaikum…

My mother,




Salam Alaikum…

Check out a new poetry work of mine, influenced by the one and only Brother Malcolm. It is called “The Birth of X”,



Salam Alaikum…

I hope all is well with everyone. I wrote a piece today. I hope everyone enjoys it. To sum up what it is about, the overall feeling comes from who I write to and why. I believe if your read the poetry piece, you will get a better understanding of what I am talking about.

Again thanks for visiting,



Salam Alaikum…

I hope peace and joy has found you. I have published a couple more poetry pieces. The recent one today centers around dreams and remembering why we live everyday. Insha’Allah it is liked by whoever reads it. Please comment and give a shout if you can. I hope everybody has a great holiday and remember, family is a precious thing and we should always thank God for giving us people we can lean on. Hope this message finds everyone in good health and may everyone continue to have great health, ameen…

Peace and Love


Salam Alaikum…

I wrote two pieces today. The first is about the consequence of doubting ourselves spiritually. Doubting the reason why we were creating or rather, how we were created. The second piece talks about the fact in which we need God, but God does not need us.

Like always please comment on them both,



Been awhile so I am writing to y’all. I hope 2 be coming out with something big. Being truthful, I haven’t been in the best of spirits. Struggling with personal problems having to do with life; family, school, friends, faith, my relationship with Allah (swc), etc.

So I hope what I come out with help explains everything in more detail and can help others in the same way it helped me.

Peace & Love,


Salam Alaikum…

School has started. It has been about 2 weeks, almost three. So far so good, most of my classes are easy. I wrote two new poetry pieces. One is for Muslims and the other non – Muslims.

Peace & Love


Salam Alaikum…

I hope everyone is doing alright. School starts tomorrow and I am excited. Insha’Allah get done in May so it is my last year of study. I posted a couple new poetry pieces. Take a look when you can.

Peace & Love


Salam Alaikum…

Today I was thinking about how we associate the good and the bad with parts of life. So, I wrote a poem about the association game and why we shouldn’t play. Insha’Allah you enjoy this piece.

Peace & Love


Salam Alaikum…

Sometimes life makes us remember that 2 much sweetness is a trick. Shaitan plays practical jokes. We can give ourselves to a cause, person, place, or thing but in the end it will come back to haunt us. Unless, it is an absolutely true cause. This, to find an absolutely true cause is the purpose of life.

We will make many mistakes along the way. Often hurting us, causing pain, scars, and wounds but we must be strong.

Be strong my brothers and sisters, be strong!

Peace & Love


Salam Alaikum…insha’Allah all of you are had a wonderful weekend. I added a couple more poetry pieces to the blog. Check those out when you get a chance. This summer has been going by fast. School is right around the corner. Will be getting an apartment soon. Make Dua for me if you can, insha’Allah the application is approved.



Salam Alaikum…

Today I wrote something out of anger called, “We Gotta’ Change”. I wrote it b/c music these days is not doing what it was made to do. The purpose poets/hip hop artists are to inspire, implement freedom, fight for the people, and make change. It is not doing that. I have been having school issues with the administration and financial aid. So today was a vent day wallah. Don’t know what will happen.

Guess I will just have to find out.



Salam Alaikum…

So today I wrote a poem for my little brother. It is dedicated for him to make sure he stays strong. The aspect of society that dictates everyone who is different something must be wrong with them. All I can ask of him to keep the faith and continue the struggle (ameen).



Salam Alaikum…

Been having a rough couple days, please make dua (prayer) if you could. Also, thank the creator for everything you may have. It could be worse. No food, no roof over your head, very few clothes, being sick, war upon your lands, etc.


Salam Alaikum

Women: whether she is labeled by society as a hoe, @it@h, @hore, naked, half-naked, or sells herself (for reasons you are not aware of and will never understand); these women need your respect, someday they will change and become mothers.

It is said in hadith by; Abu Shurayh Khuwaylid ibn ‘Amr al-Khuza’i (RA), “The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, ‘O Allah! I consider it a wrong action that the rights of two weak ones be violated: orphans and women.” [an-Nasa’i]

Women, muslim or non-muslim are one of the greatest creations of Allah (swt). There are treasures of this world in which have to be given the utmost respect, kindness, and sincerity. If we do not follow hadith, nor the teachings of the prophet (pbuh) we are committing a wrong action against both the prophet’s (pbuh) own teaching and Allah’s (swt).

Further more, Abu’d-Darda’ ‘Umaymir (RA) said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, say, ‘Help me in seeking out the weak. They are supported. You are provided for on account of the weak among you.” [Abu Dawud]

We as Muslims are given the obligation to give dawah and seek out the poor and homeless. This does not mean money, poor can be portrayed as empty-ness both in the heart and the appearance. We as Muslims were given the gift of knowledge, which is why it is our job to use our knowledge with sincerity.

If we are un-able to fulfill the obligation of seeking out the homeless, the poor, we are failing. If we are un-able to spread knowledge not only with words, but our hearts and sincerity. Then our knowledge is misplaced. We must be able to use our hearts as Muslims, to help others out of darkness.

For we as Muslims may have the gift of knowledge. That means we have a responsibility. With great power comes great responsiblity. My brothers and sisters of Islam, when you look out of your windows. Not the house windows. But the window from your soul. I ask, not speak, but feel, reach out with the sincerity.

Give hope to those in a different place then you. When this is happening, we will finally understand what this deen and what we call Islam. We must not only call ourselves Muslim but we must show sincerity as the hadith of the prophet (pbuh) and Allah (swt) asks us to do.


Been having troubles. I didn’t know how far down a person can go until now. Being honest, I worked all my life for everything I have received. I came from nothing, worked through hardships, and the end result is where I came from but a different setting.

I got a lot of skills, a poet, a writer, spoken word or writing lyrics. I know I could be something big if I got a chance. Everything that will go wrong happens to go wrong.

I am not sure, how much more I can take. Because I look out in the world, see Lil Wayne and all those rappers, corrupting young people’s minds. When we could be writing meaningful songs that the youth can rise up 2.

I wish I could change the world.


Salam Alaikum…

Honestly, today I am not great but not bad, Al-Ham-di-illah. Could always be worse, I understand that. I guess its in the mind. Mentally, I have been jumping all over. The one thing that I have recently been contemplating is an individual’s ability to sustain him or herself. We all go through obstacles, trials, tribulations, etc. When do they stop? Or do they never stop? Are trials tests from God? Me personally, I think when an individual goes through tough life events, it’s a test.




One of my poems was put in the Saint Cloud State Universities Literary Magazine.

School is good but I am thinking about taking a break. Only Allah (God) knows what will occur, to all my brothers and sisters (regardless of religion). I have found out that we need to follow what are hearts says. Listen to the road, listen. School is fun no doubt, but I need space.

Peace & Love


I hope spring break is great. Mine was alright. I got hw to do when I get back to school. I upload a couple new poems.



Hey Fam

Just wanted to say hello, see how all of you are doing? I upload new work so check those out. Lastly, I might try to get up on YouTube. Start a channel see how that goes. Will see if it can work.



Hey Fam

I put another category labeled Hip Hop. This section I would like to add “beware”, this is to all the people who are not used to hip hop nor like language that is expressive, some call it explicit. Either way, if you don’t want to read it, then don’t. It’s your choice.

Peace, out


Hey Y’all

Sorry about the extended period of silence. I have been busy with school, work, and I am working on my book. So I have been running around non-stop. But the good thing is I uploaded a lot of new poetry. I wanted to discuss something important. I have been getting several inquiries about why I write about so many different topics. I write religious pieces for the religious folks. I write fun pieces for those who want to read something interesting. And for those who want to read about serious issues I write about poverty. So this means all of you have a choice. So if you don’t like what I write, then you do not have to read my blog.

This shows you I don’t care about the haters. I grew up around Hip Hop and Rap. I have been influenced by it all my life. Which means I write about the topics that we see in Hip Hop during the Golden Era. The language I use in each poem is for a specific reason, the poetry is different with different styles for each person or reader. There is something for everyone. I say this because I have recently got people telling me it’s inappropriate.

My answer is don’t read my blog and I will answer for it when I die.



Hey y’all. I feel a little better today. I can’t wait till I go back to school. It will take some of the edge off. I worry because I don’t know how much longer I can stand and stay strong. I have been fighting health issues of late.



My question today, is it possible that we are living in Jenna/Paradise/Heaven but we just don’t know it? My latest poetry piece asks this question with a little twist. Hopefully you enjoy the post. What do all of you think? For me I do think that we are living in paradise we just don’t notice it. We can see both the good and the bad where we live.

Another thing I hate is when people say, “it was meant to be or it was God’s will”. I hate that phrase because it’s stupid. There is a hadith of a traveler who went to see the prophet (pbuh) and the man forgot to tie up his camel before going to the lecture. When the man returned his camel was gone. He asked the prophet, how can this be? I came to listen to you speak. The prophet (pbuh) spoke words, our actions on earth, cause consequences. We can’t only rely on Allah.

So when people say it’s god’s will, that’s wrong. What they are trying to say but are too stupid to realize, they are using an excuse not to put the blame on themselves.



Coming out with a three-piece project called “the hood ain’t ghetto”. It’s about what is perceived which is different from what is actually occurring. Understanding the circumstance sometimes chooses the individual and they don’t have a choice. It is a dedication piece to the young men and women who go through and live in the hood.



Today is a sad day. Another school shooting in which 20 school children died. It got me thinking a lot, I came to the conclusion that the world isn’t going crazy just some of the people in it. People mis-use the phrase, “in the name of God”.

I realized that I want my kids to live in a different country. The U.S for the positives, which are many,

* education (meaning college)
* great place to start a business
* you can start a new life

The cons,

* not safe
* school shootings
* economy sucks
* FBI phone taps Muslims
* kidnapping of suspected terrorists (innocent men and women)
* racism
* sexism

Should I go on?

I want my kids to be raised in an Islamic state, or at least around Muslims. That is why I am graduating inshallah next year and I will be gone. Today made me think about my future.



Finals are coming up, which isn’t stressful. I’m looking forward to our break, get to see my niece, I haven’t seen her for a long time. I want to discuss something that I noticed. The tendency is that people from the U.S have no idea what is happening in the U.S.

Why are we purposely ignoring our own community who need help? Facebook status don’t help, is your Facebook status saving lives. Did your Facebook status save the Pakistani sister who was shot to death while riding a bus, no it didn’t.

Or people send money, this does very little. Look at the money for relief that has been sent to Africa. So much of that money is lost, the dictators or presidents of countries take the relief money for themselves. The military takes the relief, or an opposing army, it never gets to the people.

These things do not help. What will help a struggle is the people “in” the struggle, if they stand up for what they are fighting for. A revolution, a struggle cannot win from people “outside” of the struggle standing up, it comes from within. That is why governments or the people in power get scared when the revolution comes from “inside” of the struggle.

Examples like the Black Panthers who got assassinated by the FBI, look at South Africa with Steve Biko being murdered in prison, a whole black conscience movement.

That is why if we work with the struggle we are near, by, or in. The success of other struggles will be considerably higher because the world will gain strength from one another just by watching each other’s struggle’s succeeding. This is why America, the people in America are failing.

We have a population of homeless adults, children, people in prison, lack of education for all people, weak HIV/AIDS testing, low reading levels, violence in neighborhoods. And what are we doing? We are doing nothing.

I would say you are lying to yourself. In the Quran, when it talks about our ummah. The arabic word being used is equivalent to blood brothers. We need to wake up, because the revolution is in our backyard. And we are failing our children, we are failing this ummah. How can we say we are succeeding when our Masjid’s are not inviting? How will someone know the masjid is inviting if you are not trying to help them in the first place?

I’m not talking about deen. The basic’s before all that, is care. And as religious people, as Muslims we are failing. We may pray 5 times a day, memorize Quran, are apart of an MSA, you are a success on an individual level. But does ummah mean individual, does it mean 1 person? No, it’s a group of people, it’s everyone. This is why we need to wake up. We have our dua’s to Muslim countries in hardship. But we cannot do good for them if we can’t show them we are successful with our own people.

That is why we need to get out in our neighborhoods, we need to act. A masjid should contain all things. Not just salat. It should be a place for counseling, a health clinic, giving away needed medication (over the counter). Give grief counseling, a home for youth, a place for people who abuse substances to get clean. These are from the sunnah yet we ignore and ride a high horse. This message is for us, because I tell you if we can succeed with our own nation. The rest of the world will follow, the other muslim countries and people will not be able to ignore.

So I ask all Muslims. Please open your eyes, get off your Facebook and go outside. Visit shelters for the homeless, visit prisons, visit hoods with youth gang members. Make yourself notice-able, someone who they can go talk to through struggle. Allah will bring deen forward, were here to listen, to guide. Because I promise, once we get on our feet, we will be in a position to help, but for now we got to lift our fallen brothers in our own communities.



The majority of teachers are stuck up. Take immigrants for example. A number of immigrants who come to the U.S are bi-lingual or tri-lingual. For example Somali kids. They know arabic, Somali, even a little Swahili. These kids go to school and are told by teachers who only know one language which is English, they are ill-literate. They are treated as if they are dumb, not smart, or they don’t know language. These kids have the ability to know 3 languages by the time they are 10. The american education system is one of the most corrupted education systems in the world. We hire teachers who are not understanding, just frankly bias.

I taught in South Africa and dealt with youth gang members in the cities. So yes I have a style. These young kids teach the teacher a lot of things, kids that saw hunger, starvation, tribal wars, America bombing Mogadishu over 200 times the past 4 years. I ain’t cocky I know struggle by a first name basis and that’s the only reason im teaching.

Long paragraphs were my answer to someone who decided to tell me on Facebook, I shouldnt be a teacher. But as u can see I have opinions. Let me know what you think about the education system.

Thanks, peace

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